Park Photo Guides

Have you ever visited a National Park with the hopes of photographing a certain subject only to find you are there at the wrong time of day or year?  Have you ever visited a park and felt like you spent most of your time searching for locations to photograph and very little time actually creating those images?  Ever wish you had a local expert there to point out the good locations, what time to be there, and what to expect?

Our Guides are the answer to all of these problems.  Each guide, written by a photographer with an expertise in that park, is like having a local there to answer your questions and help you plan your trip.  Each guide not only provides great locations to create photographs but also tells you when to be there and what to expect.  Looking for a good sunrise location?  How about a place to photograph during midday on an overcast day?  Our Guides will tell you that and more.

Want to know more about the natural history of the location and the scenes you are seeing?  Not only do the Guides from Park Photo Guides provide you with a basic introduction to the natural history of the area, but they also point you to additional resources for further reading.  Our guides also help you plan the logistics of your trip including options for lodging, travel, and even the nearest camera store if you need something in a pinch.

Additionally, each Park Photo Guide includes a GPS file allowing you do download all the GPS coordinates mentioned in the guide directly into your handheld GPS, saving you the time and tedious hassle of manually entering each point individually.  This incredible time saving feature is something that only we at Park Photo Guides offer.

With Park Photo Guides, you take advantage of an expert's local knowledge while saving valuable time scouting and searching for that perfect photograph!